Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Big Picture: a panel discussion in downtown Riverside.

Last night I attended a panel discussion at Riverside's Culver Center of the Arts. I went for class, but I'm really glad I had that push. It was exciting, and the photographer's involved in the Legacy Project actually had some interesting things to say. The presentation was lovely, and I got to have a really nice discussion with my professor afterwards about the inherent novelty of the whole thing. I got some pictures at the event:

I wore black F21 harem pants, black heals and a cream colored Ralph Lauren top from Bloomingdale's. I loved my outfit, it was a bit like a sexy, feminine tuxedo look, and I felt stunning... yet it was simple, and I wasn't overdressed or uncomfortable. Perfect.

I wish I had gotten a couple shots of my outfit, but I wasn't able too, because the boyfriend didn't join me this time. But this is going to be a go-to outfit this fall, I can tell!

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