Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY Sea Salt Facial Scrub

One of my all-time favorite facial cleansers is this one from Lush. I like Lush products, they are fresh, handmade, and made out of real ingredients. However, they are still packed full of preservatives and chemicals. Plus, Lush isn't exactly wallet friendly. I've really been on a DIY binge lately, and so it hit me... DUH! I should make my own.

All of the ingredients (well, the ones I didn't already have, anyway) are from Walmart and ring it at $3. Yep! $2 for a bottle of pure sea salt, and under a buck for a couple limes.... amazing! I whipped up a batch large enough to fill my old Ocean Salt container- the large one- which cost me (well, my mom, it was a birthday gift!) $34.95, according to the website, with quite a bit left over. Seriously, I can make my own product sans  the chemicals for a third of the cost? No brainer.

Here's my recipe. I plan on trying this out a few times a week for the next couple weeks, and then I may make a new batch. Lush's version includes vodka, which is apparently an amazing facial toner and astringent, so I'll probably add some. I'll also use half olive oil and half coconut oil, which I may or may not dilute with some water (I have oily skin- so I'm not too sure how much I'll like all the oil, but who knows, it's supposed to soften skin, so maybe I will!) and I plan on adding grapefruit. This stuff smells good, but imagine adding vodka, coconut, and grapefruit to the mix... like a tropical cocktail for your face! Yum.

Sea Salt Facial Scrub

5 tablespoons + pure sea salt
1/8 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon tea tree water*
juice from two limes

Combine all liquid and then add salt, stirring to incorporate. The consistency should be wet, with liquid pooling around the edges (liquid will separate). I haven't quite perfected the texture and consistency, but you could definitely adjust the measurements until you get a texture you like.

*Tea tree water is basically just diluted tea tree oil. For help with determining how much you should dilute, see this site. I usually stick with 10%, as my skin is oily and acne-prone.

And, as always, be careful with the ingredients. Never use something you are or may be allergic to, and don't use anything that may irritate your skin. Be especially careful if you have sensitive skin, as sea salt and citrus juice can be irritating. If any irritation occurs, stop using the product! Also, don't use this more than a few times a week, as it can be abrasive. This is an exfoliator, after all!


If you have any questions, suggestions, tips, or would like to suggest another DIY product for me to explore, let me know in the comments!